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Hors Catégorie (French: beyond categorization) climbs are the most difficult in bicycle racing, featuring over-the-top steepness and length. HC classification typically requires a minimum of 10 miles of climbing, with average grades in excess of 7%. Shorter pitches in excess of 15% are not uncommon.

The San Francisco Bay Area boasts three HC climbs: Mt Diablo in Contra Costa county, Mt Hamilton in Santa Clara county, and Mt Tamalpais in Marin county. They are frequently included in the professional Tour of California. In stage 3 of the 2014 ToC, the riders were presented with two HC climbs: Mt Hamilton early in the day and a summit finish on Mt Diablo. I climb them many times a year — but only one per day.

HC Racing
That's me: Richard McIntosh is HC. I am an independent, competitive age-group hill climber and occasional road racer. I ride a custom titanium frame built by Carl Strong in Bozeman MT.

My training regimen is focused on the Northern California Championships in 2018, when I break into the 70+ age group. I will strive for podium finishes in the Hill Climb and Road Race disciplines. I hope to qualify for the 2018 Nationals, as well.

"Independent" means that I am my own team. That gives me freedom to train and race as I choose, but also means that I rely on partnerships to help defray the costs of training and racing. If you would like to help me get to the podium, and get some positive publicity in return, check out the partnership opportunities on offer. For more information, see my bio and race calendar.

HC Touring
That's me again. I plan, organize, and operate private bicycle tours of the western United States for THE POSSE, a close group of avid cyclists in Northern California. The core members have been riding together for ten years. We ride an average of 75 miles a day with full SAG. We camp in nice hotels and dine in fine restaurants.

The first tour was in 2013. On recent tours, we have ridden from the Oregon coast to Montana, from Vancouver BC to San Francisco, around Lake Tahoe plus selected climbs in the Sierras, and from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. For more information, see the tour calendar.

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