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2016 Tempus Fugit TT - men 60+
➁ Ted Treat • ➀ Jerry Wickham • ➂ Richard McIntosh
2016 Mt Diablo Challenge - men 65-69
➂ Richard McIntosh • ➀ Josef Lemire • ➁ Mike Shaw
2018 Cycle to the Sun - men 70+
➁ Jerry Welch • ➀ Russ Montello • ➂ Richard McIntosh
Declaration of Independence
I am an independent, competitive age-group hill climber and occasional road racer. I ride a custom titanium frame built by Carl Strong in Bozeman MT.

My training regimen is focused on hill climb and road race disciplines.

"Independent" means that I am my own team. That gives me freedom to train and race as I choose, but also means that I rely on partnerships to help defray the costs of training and racing. If you would like to help me get to the podium, and get some positive publicity in return, check out the partnership opportunities on offer.
Upcoming events
2018-10-07 Mt Diablo Challenge registered men 70-74
Road results
2018-06-30 Cycle to the Sun men 70+
2014-09-27 Everest Challenge Stage Race men 65+
2014-01-18 Early Bird Road Race, Del Puerto Canyon men 55+ • men 65+
TT results
2016-09-25 Mt Diablo Challenge men 65-69
2016-08-21 Tempus Fugit Time Trial men 60+
2016-06-25 Mt Diablo Hill Climb • NVNCA Hill Climb Championships men 65-69
2014-01-01 San Bruno Mt Hill Climb men 65+
2013-10-06 Mt Diablo Challenge men 60-69
2013-01-01 San Bruno Mt Hill Climb men 65+
2012-10-07 Mt Diablo Challenge men 60-69
USAC results
NVNCA road calendar

Diamond Construction
Diamond Construction Inc.
••• gold partner •••
Mr Sparkle
Mr Sparkle Window Washers
••• silver partner •••

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